Young women CAN and DO get breast cancer! Guest blogger, Micha, shares her story.



Being diagnosed with anything is always a tough pill to swallow and considering I can’t really swallow pills, hearing I had stage 2 cancer at the age of 31 was unbearable. I was having issues with my period so I was going back and forth to the doctor and it just so happened to be around my annual. I went in like regular, but when the nurse practitioner was doing her check she asked me when was the last time I did a self breast examination. I had no answer. I was like “umm” , before I left I was scheduled to go in for a mammogram the next day. I really didn’t think too much of it. I went to the appointment and from there my life changed. A week later I was told I had stage 2 breast cancer (invasive ductal carcinoma). How could this be? Isn’t this disease just for older women? I was devastated! There wasn’t anything I could do when I heard the news but get off the phone and call my pastor. He encouraged me to call my family. I did and I informed my boss. He gave me the week off to decide what I wanted and needed to do. My aunt and grandma went with me to talk to my doctor to try to get further understanding but to be honest I didn’t hear a thing she said. My aunt and grandma took notes and asked all the questions. My doctor was in tears cause she couldn’t understand either. Was I about to die? No, I can’t. I’m not ready!

Over the next several weeks, I can say I had never been to that many doctors appointments in my life! When they told me I would have to go through chemotherapy I was really scared. How am I going to be a public figure and go through all this? I’m a midday radio personality for the local hip hop and r&b station and though people don’t see me much I still couldn’t figure out how I was going to be and be me going through all this. I was super depressed and sad, but what I didn’t do was stop living. I went to work every day! I never took that week off my boss gave me. Being at home for that one drove me crazy. I needed a distraction and work was that. I started chemo June 6, 2013. It was a 3 hours process I had to endure once every 3 weeks for 18 weeks. After the first round I started loosing my hair. I was like what? Already? So I once again called Pastor AD and he was like ” that just means the chemo is working 6″. I was like really? Is that what it means? Ugh! He was right tho. I called my parents and my dad was like “hit that barber shop baby girl” I did just that. My boy Mike Lowe, met me up there and it happened. I was a baldie! It was weird, but I embraced it and I’ve been rocking it ever since. This journey has been interesting. A year ago I asked God to increase my faith in Him, make me more active in the community and use me for His will. Well I didn’t realize it at first but He definitely answered my prayer… Not like I thought but He answered. God will sometimes answer your prayers but not in the way in which you thought or expected. I have never been closer to God in my life and I’m extremely grateful for this experience.

My friend Kyle told me to call his mom and let me tell you Ms. Rita, who is a cancer survivor, helped me so much! When I first cut my hair a lot of people thought It was a fashion statement. I thought that was funny. It took me awhile even after I cut my hair to share my story but once I did I felt free. Love came from everywhere and the prayers are definitely working. I was so busy with events and I met so many amazing people with and without cancer. My doctors and nurses at CCI were awesome! I spent majority of my time there. I never got a second opinion I was fully confident with my doctors and I saw the lump. All I could do when I saw the lump was say “wow I have stage 2 breast cancer, invasive ductal carcinoma. This can’t be life!” Thing is… It was! They found a 4 centimeter lump and it had to go! My process was chemotherapy, surgery, radiation everyday for 6 weeks, and then I have to take a pill for the next 5-10 years. The tumor shrunk to 1.5 centimeters half way through my chemo therapy treatments. See how God works! I managed to maintain my weight even though I didn’t eat much and all my test results came back great. I had a lumpectomy, which means I got to keep my breast.

You see, breast cancer doesn’t run in my family and all my genetic test came back negative so my doctors were confused as to why. I simply said this is beyond any of us. This is between God and I. Cancer does not discriminate. Go get checked! This is not our grandmothers or mothers illness anymore. It is happening to women younger and younger. Go get checked and do personal checks! Know your body. If you feel or see anything that makes you say hmm… Don’t ignore it. Knowing and going to the doctor can save your life. It’s not an easy pill to swallow when you first find out or when those physical side effects start happening. I suggest before you do anything take the time to process everything in your time in your way.

Everyone will try and come at you with all sorts of remedies and stories. I know I had to cut a lot of that off. It’s overwhelming and actually kind of scary. Stay close to God and find something that brings happiness to help you through. This illness, as with most has a lot to do with your metals. Stay positive and don’t be defeated or discouraged. You will get through this!

My surgery was October 22, 2013 and it was first surgery…ever!! I wasn’t scared because I knew all this is for my good. God had me going through that for a reason, so who was I to worry about it? I was declared cancer free October 25 2013, but it wasn’t over I still had 37 radiation treatments. I must admit that process was tough on me, emotionally more than anything. I was just tired of going to the hospital every day. It was finally all over in January of 2014!! This process is different for everyone. I was blessed to not have had a horrible one. Did I have bad days? Yes! I also had good days, more good days than bad. I was determined to live a great life throughout my process and I did! I had cancer it didn’t have me! ~ Micha








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