Young Women Can and Do Get Breast Cancer! Amanda shares her story.


I was diagnosed with stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer on April 3 2014. I was 33. I have 2 children Vincenzo who will be 9 and my daughter Makenna who just turned 7. I think I have been in complete denial through this all and haven’t let myself believe or feel that I have cancer. I underwent chemo, mastectomy and lymph nodes removed, radiation and a targeted therapy. I have been handling this all very well and minimal side effects. I feel good and have finally lost a few lbs (gained about 25 through steroids and such) I have made some changes in my diet and exercising and I have tried to really limit my sugar intake! I am very glad and grateful to be alive and that they caught it when they did.

However. …I went the previous year to a well known hospital had a mammogram done at 32. The results were that there was questioning but it was benign (the non cancerous one I mean I may be confused ) but how the hell did they know that without a biopsy or bloodwork…aanything!! Of course now, in hence sight, I realize I should have been more persistent but I followed the instructions and had a follow up mammogram, 1 year to the day!! But I’m not upset…I am glad to be here and tell my story to others and be strong for others and for my family!! ~ Amanda

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