Learning To Love Yourself After Breast Cancer. By Guest Blogger Kiana B.

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My name is Kiana and I was diagnosed with breast cancer April 29, 2013 about 24 days after my 28th birthday.

I discovered the lump randomly. From there I went for a mammogram, biopsy and then was diagnosed shortly afterwards. This all happened within a two week period.

A few weeks later on Mother’s Day, I discovered I was pregnant with twins. Unplanned and unexpected due to the timing of my breast cancer diagnosis. I was shocked, confused and scared. I talked with my family and doctors and we all thought it was best to not continue the pregnancy.

That was the HARDEST decision I’ve ever been faced with in my life but I knew I had to put myself first and it would be fair to me or the babies if I was too ill to care for them and give them a quality life.

I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy 6/17/13. Following I had brachytherapy radiation in which 29 catheters were inserted into my breast and I received internal radiation, twice a day for about a week and a half. It was painful, scary and just plain awful but I made it through.

Once my treatment and surgery completed I began to see life in a new way a reevaluate what I needed. I changed jobs and also maintained full time enrollment in college.

Cancer has both magnified fears I didn’t think I’d ever have but also highlighted the strength and amazingly strong qualities I have.

I struggle each day physically and emotionally but I’m taking baby steps to learn to love my body as it is now due to cancer and also appreciate life a bit more than I had previously.

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  1. Terel says:

    Kiana, keep taking those baby steps. Before you know it, they will be giant leaps. The key words to your testimony are “I made it through.” Yes you did! I will pray for you for continuous strength.

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